Hassle-Free Storm Damage Roof Repair

Do You Have Exterior Storm Damange?

As your trusted storm damage experts, Renner Roofing Inc understands the profound impact that severe weather can have on your home. With our dedicated claims specialist on staff, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Hail and wind storms have the potential to cause significant damage to your roofing, siding, windows, and gutters, leaving your property vulnerable to dents and structural issues. Don’t delay in calling us for an inspection if you suspect storm damage. Prompt action is essential to protecting your largest investment and ensuring the safety and integrity of your home.

Our Process

  • 1
    Inspection – Our Renner Roofing Service Representative thoroughly inspects your property and documents any damage.
  • 2
    Claim Filing – You call your insurance company to file a claim based on our findings of storm damage.
  • 3
    Adjustment Meeting – An insurance adjuster assesses the damage and determines the financial settlement. Renner Roofing accompanies you to ensure alignment in the assessment.
  • 4
    Contract and Color Selection – Once your claim is approved, we meet to discuss repairs, select products and colors, and sign the contract. No upfront deposits are required.
  • 5
    Production – We commence work, completing tasks efficiently and restoring your home. Roofing jobs typically take one day; siding or window projects may take longer.
  • 6

    Final Inspection and Payment – We conduct a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction. Payment is collected, and we provide you with your warranty.

Ready to Restore Your Property?

Don’t wait to address storm damage. Contact Renner Roofing today for a seamless process from inspection to restoration, ensuring your home is restored to its former glory with expert care and attention to detail.